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My name is Le'Var Hage

Enter the world of Le'Var Hage Photography, where professionalism meets a down-to-earth, fun-loving spirit. With over 15 years in hospitality, I infuse warmth into every shot, capturing not just images but genuine connections. From the early fascination sparked by a broken camera my dad cherished to mastering diverse photography styles, my journey is a testament to a lifelong passion for freezing time. I'm dedicated to crafting timeless memories that resonate with the heart.

In every click, I weave moments that tell your unique story, capturing the essence of time with heart and authenticity

Embark on a captivating photographic journey with Le'Var Hage, where professionalism seamlessly blends with a down-to-earth, fun-loving spirit. With over 15 years immersed in the hospitality realm, each photograph serves as a testament to authentic warmth and genuine connections.

From my initial fascination sparked by my dad's cherished broken camera to mastering diverse photography styles, my commitment is dedicated to crafting images that go beyond the visual—a rich tapestry of memories capturing the joy of vibrant weddings, the intimacy of soulful portraits, and the timeless elegance of classic black and white. Let's freeze your precious moments with passion and artistic flair.

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Thank You From My Clients

Brittany & Jason

Levar stepped in to be the principal photographer for me wedding after the other photographers equipment was compromised by a flood. Levar called me to introduce himself, asked questions to make sure he knew to focus on everything I wanted during my big day. He was kind and very professional. Our wedding pictures turned out great. and Levar captured a lot great of candid moments which was important to me. Thank you for taking the stress of capturing my wedding and leaving me with memories for a lifetime.

Embark on a photographic journey with Le'Var Hage Photography, where your moments become timeless stories. I am committed to capturing the essence of your unique narrative, ensuring that every frame reflects the joy, love, and individuality that define your special moments.

I'm hear to create memories that will last a lifetime.